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Can a Vegan Eat Indian Food?

Monday, October 2nd, 2017 Health, Indian Cuisine

How many times have you asked a waiter what options their restaurant offers for Vegans only to be offered a simple baked potato or a run of the mill tossed salad? We all eat out sometimes but, sadly, most restaurants are not particularly Vegan-friendly.

This is not the case at Palki Indian Food Restaurant. At Palki, you will always have a wide variety of options each with its own unique history and amazing flavors.

Indian cuisine was born out of deep vegetarian tradition and many of India’s most traditional dishes are naturally Vegan, as a result, you will always have amazing Vegan options when you eat the best Indian food in Vancouver at Palki.

Our most popular Vegan Indian Food options:

Vegetable Vindaloo

Vindaloo was born from a time when Goan sailors packed layers of vegetables (or meat) with wine and spices in order to preserve them over time. Vindaloo has evolved from these humble roots into a popular spicy curry dish. Despite its popularity, Vindaloo is still usually marinated overnight.

Vegetable Coconut (Curry)

Curry originally came from the word Karj meaning ‘sauce.’ Generally, most curries include coriander, cumin, and turmeric along with a number of other spices and ingredients. Curry recipes are generally well-guarded and handed down over generations (and Palki’s recipes are no different). Coconut curry, obviously, adds coconut milk to the particular spices used in a particular curry recipe mixed with the freshest and most complementary vegetables.

Vegetable Jalfrezi

Jalfrezi (a kind of sauce or curry) is made by frying marinated vegetables in a combination of spice and oil to create the base for a delicious sauce which usually includes green chilis. The sauce is simmered with vegetables.

Because it is a hot and spicy sauce, often it will be accompanied by yogurt-based sauces or creams in order to help control the heat. Jalfrezi is often connected to the colonial period and still remains one of the most popular Indian food dishes in the UK today.

Gobi Aloo

Gobi Aloo is a traditional Indian vegetarian dish combining Cauliflower and Potatoes with a mix of spices.

Vegan Indian Food - Gobi Aloo - Palki

Because it usually contains the perfect amount of Turmeric, the dish can usually appear to be yellowish in color.

Chana Masala

Chana Masala is a delicious chickpea dish (chana is a variety of chickpea) often sold as street food in India. It usually combines the chana, which is a smaller and firmer chicken, with ginger, dried mango powder, onion, and a number of other ingredients. Masala is yet another word for ‘spice’ so, Chana Masala literally means ‘spiced chickpeas.’

Palki Welcomes Its Vegan Customers

While some of our dishes might contain potatoes and you can order a salad, you will never be limited to only the same old sad excuses for Vegan menu items when you visit Palki.

In other words, we welcome you to enjoy our wide-variety of Vegan options at Palki (your home for North Vancouver Indian Food).