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Valentine’s Day: A Grand Feast in Indian Style

Friday, February 1st, 2013 News

Apparently it was Chaucer who first associated the feast day of February 14th with romantic love. Valentine’s Day has always been celebrated on February 14th because that is the day St. Valentine, or one of the noted Valentine’s, died on in Rome. Modern day associations, perhaps even historical associations, characterizes Valentine’s Day as “the Hallmark holiday,” (favored by the unromantic bunch), “day of doom,” (by the pessimistic), or “the most romantic day of the year” (by the hopeless romantics). In all honesty, it doesn’t really matter what category you may find yourself in. Valentine’s day can be anything to anyone, like anything else but we’d like to bring back some of it’s historical significance, a day of feast.

So, February 14th, 2013, Palki Restaurant is bringing back the idea that Valentine’s Day can also be about great food plus whatever connotation you see fit. If you’re the hopeless romantic, bring your someone special by for a lovely 3 course meal, or if you’d rather celebrate it with the people closest to you, how about a feast? Include whomever you like, whether it’s your true love plus all of your closest buddies, or just your closest buddies, let us provide the backdrop to a relaxing evening where there’ll be amazing food, fancy drinks, beer, music and if  you’d like, some candlelight.

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