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Support the Waldorf: Rallying Behind Art, Food & Entertainment

Monday, January 14th, 2013 News

Sunday afternoon supporters of the Waldorf, and of Vancouver’s cultural community, gathered together for a public ‘Love In.’  Noon tomorrow a flash mob will gather outside of City Hall to once again rally behind the artists, musicians, DJ’s, writers, performers, food enthusiasts and anyone else who relies on venues like the Waldorf to bring their craft to a public space.

As Vancouverites, and in our case, as members of the East Van restaurant community, it is important that we support anyone who is dedicated to bringing something great to the cultural side of this city.  Our job is to provide good food and a place to unwind, anyone who produces art, music or entertains needs a space to present it, there should be several different places to gather and we have to support that. So if you have time tomorrow during lunch, come down to City Hall, or say something online.  We gotta keep Vancouver well fed, and cool.