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Indian Rice Dishes

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 Indian Cuisine

When it comes to Indian rice dishes, there are so many different options. Pretty much all of them are delicious, filling and extremely nutritious. So whichever direction you decide to go, you will not be wrong!

Indian Rice Dish BiryaniIndian Biryani

One wonderful Indian rice dish is Indian Biryani. Indian Biryani is a rice based dish (typically made with basmati rice) that is cooked with special Indian spices. Usually, it is prepared with fish, eggs, mutton, chicken or vegetables or some combination therein. The name Biryani comes from a Persian word meaning roasted or fried. It is eaten throughout India and in many other parts of South Asian.

Indian Pulao

Indian Pulao is another rice based Indian meal. It is often referred to in English as rice pilaf, but it can also be referred to as plov, palao, pol, pilav or pulaw. Pulao is a dish where rice is cooked in a special seasoned broth. When prepared, it often appears brown. This brown coloration is caused by the addition of bits of cooked onion and other special spices to the rice. It too can often contain meat, fish, vegetables, fruit (fresh or dried) or some combination of therein.

While Pualo is eaten throughout India, it is also popular in many other parts of the world and with many other cultures. It is eaten throughout the Middle East, the Cuacuses, Central and Southern Asian, the Balkans, East Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. It is a very important part of Uzbek, Afghan, Bukharan and Tajik dining.

There are many other ways that Indian rice dishes can be prepared and served. Just about all of them are delicious, healthy and nutritious. They are easy to find in many restaurants and can also be prepared at home without very much effort. If you cannot what to have for dinner tonight, you cannot go wrong with an Indian rice dish.