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7 Indian Dishes You Have To Try Before You Die.

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 Indian Cuisine, Indian Desserts, Palki Restaurant

So, what are 7 that are available at Palki, your favourite North Vancouver restaurant, and that you should try before you die?

Here are our recommendations for you to try.

Dishes to try in a Vancouver Indian Restaurant


A Vindaloo is a curry with vinegar potatoes and chili peppers. It is a variation of a dish that originated in Portugal, migrated to India, and became complete when British colonization added chilli peppers into the mix. Vindaloos are considered one of the spiciest Indian dishes and Palki offers a chicken, beef, and lamb version of this wonderful dish.

Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh originated in the Kashmiri area and is considered one of the signature recipes of Kashmiri cuisine. Rogan Josh is made up of pieces of lamb in a curry gravy made up garlic, ginger, onions and aromatic spices. The distinctive colour of the dish comes usually comes from a mixture of dried flowers and copious amounts of Kashmiri chilis.

Biryani is always home at your Vancouver Indian restaurant.

Biryani is a spicy rice dish popular all over the Indian subcontinent and most of South Asia. It is usually made with rice, spices, meat, and egg and sometimes includes fruit. Some claim the dish originated in Persia and some claim it originated in the Mughal empire, yet others claim it was created in South Asia.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is a milk based sweet dessert popular on the Indian Subcontinent. The dish is made by reducing milk to solids after slow cooking. The remainder is made into a dough combined with a small amount of flour then rolled into balls and deep fried. After they are removed the balls are soaked in a light and flavoured sugary syrup. Gulab Jamun originated in medieval India.

Butter Chicken

To make Butter chicken, you start by slow-marinating chicken in a yogurt, cream, and spicy sauce. The chicken is then cooked in a Tandoor oven and then served in a curry sauce including butter. As we detailed on this blog recently, Butter Chicken is a relatively recent dish of Indian origin and is often found on Indian restaurant menus around the world.

Baingan Bharta

Part of the national cuisines of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh Baigan Bartha is a vegetarian dish created by grilling minced eggplant which is later mixed with tomato onion, ginger, garlic, cumin, cilantro, chilli pepper, and an oil. There are as many regional variations as there are regions but one thing is for sure, it is popular everywhere it has been cooked.

Saag Paneer

Saag is made from spinach or another form of green thickened with cream or coconut milk and mixed with cubes of paneer cheese. One of the great joys of Indian cuisine is the wide variety of healthy and delicious vegetarian options like Saag Paneer which are available from Indian restaurant menu.

Chana Masala

Chana is the name for a particular style of small chickpea which is at the core of this dish originating from the Indian Subcontinent. The dish is relatively simple but profound in flavor including a sauce of cumin, chilis, and tomatoes.

Hopefully, you will get to try all of these dishes many hundreds of times before you pass away and we hope we will be able to serve you at Palki soon.