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Hawker’s Market in Vancouver: Locally Produced Food + Music

Monday, April 1st, 2013 News

Indian Food during Hawker’s Market in VancouverWhen it comes to Vancouver’s ‘underground arts scene,’ perhaps underground isn’t quite the right word, there’s always something going on. A cool theme + dj + locally produced art/product/production combination set in some random East Vancouver warehouse guarantees a good time

Hawker’s Market was no exception. The warehouse, random and tucked away on East Cordova, was decorated with white lights and brightly coloured lanterns strung up high into the ceiling. Vendor tables set up along the edges of the room were decked out with a selection of pies, cakes, pastas, chips, macaroons, ice cream cookie sandwiches, appetizers, wontons, cannoli, pakoras and masala chai. Just to blur the lines between market and East Van party, organizers set up a supply of Pabst Blue, along with quality red and white for purchase plus a dj stocked with familiar remixes.

For us, the opportunity to participate in Hawkers was our chance step outside our regular environment and be part of a something totally new. We had a chance to serve up hot masala chai, send spice packs home with everyone and dole out veggie pakoras. Also, there was henna.

Reason’s Hawker’s Ruled:

(just because we like a good list)

  1. Atmosphere: extremely chill, there’s no pressure to buy anything, but you’re tempted by everything and you do;
  2. Local Vendors: you’re supporting local entrepreneurs who make amazing food;
  3. First to Find: some of the vendors are well established and you’ve seen them around and others are just starting out, so as part of the Hawker’s crowd, you’re one of their first fans (instant cool factor);
  4. Speciality Items: everyone participating  at Hawkers is passionate and it comes out in quality of the products;
  5. Organic Party: there’s lots of food (you don’t have to settle for french fries or stale vending machine chips), people are eating while bopping to music and enjoying what they just purchased, the market became an instant party.