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A lot of Gluten Free Options in Indian Cuisine

Friday, October 20th, 2017 Indian Cuisine

Palki has over 50 Gluten-Free options available on our menu for you to enjoy.

Gluten is the name usually given to the proteins found in wheat, rye, and barley that can be hard for people with a sensitivity to digest. In the preparation of foods, it is often used as a binder or a thickener in foods and can usually also be found in bread.

Traditional Indian Cuisine is rich in gluten-free foods

Indian Cusine is mostly grounded in recipes using lentil and chickpea bases and almost always is served with rice which means you will find a veritable cornucopia of exciting and flavorful gluten-free dishes to choose from. In addition, Indian dishes rely on fresh vegetables and meats and do not rely heavily on pre-prepared of heavily fried foods. Even Indian flours or pastes are often free of gluten (because they are often made with lentil or peas).
Way too often a Gluten-Free menu can seem like an afterthought, a few items thrown together (quickly) to ensure that gluten-free customers don’t force other members of a party to leave for a restaurant that cares more about dietary concerns. Gluten-Free dishes can often seem like a regular menu item but with the offending items removed (and nothing offered as a replacement).

At Palki we have a commitment to addressing dietary concerns in our Indian dishes and want all of our patrons to feel like they have many diverse and delicious options to choose from every time that they walk in the door of our restaurant. We want every customer to feel like a valued diner and for nobody to feel like they are paying full-price for a lesser meal. Palki’s meals are created to be delicious and to fully satisfy every customer and our restaurant and online menus clearly designate which of our menu items will be safe for you to eat.

Gluten-Free Appetizers

Indian Cuisine _ Vegetable Pakora _ Gluten free

Starter Dish –
Vegetable Pakora

You can start your meal choosing from a healthy list of safe appetizer’s including options as diverse as a cucumber salad, multiple varieties of pakoras (lightly fried combinations of vegetables or meats), or even our famous Wings From Hell (if you like it spicy). And don’t feel like you will be entirely excluded from bread either as our Missi Roti is gluten-free.

Many Gluten-Free Menu Options

Indian Cuisine _ Tandoori Chicken _ Gluten free

Tandoori Chicken

Once you are ready to enjoy your main course, you can choose from a wide variety of gluten-free proteins and many different styles of preparation from food prepared in the tandoor, biryanis, or stews and curries.

Most importantly, you can feel confident that we take your dietary issues seriously and want you to be able to enjoy a night out for some delicious Indian food in Vancouver.