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Finger Limes, the ‘Gourment Bushfood’ take on Curried Mussels

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 Indian Cuisine, News

Quite taken by a photo of finger limes, imagine hundreds of tiny lime green or grapefruit pink beads squeezed into a finger-like pods, we randomly decided to experiment with a few of our dishes to see what this fruity caviar could do.


Curried mussels with finger limes

Cultivated along the coast of Queensland and New South Whales, Australia, finger limes have earned the reputation as being the ‘gourmet bushfood.’ Each individual bead, filled with lime or grapefruit-like juice, has the potential to compliment almost any one of our dishes.

When contemplating where these tiny beads could have the most impact, curried mussels came to mind. Popular in Goa, Kerala and along India’s south coast, curried mussels are bathed in turmeric, ground black pepper, fried cumin and coriander, a perfect mix of flavor for this limey compliment.

As we put this dish together and squeezed each pod into the mussels shell, we figured we might be onto something–one of our regulars from last night agreed.

Until our next random experiment, we’ll be serving this bushfood delight on weekends by request… Curried Mussels with Limey Caviar.