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Are you trying to decide what to eat tonight and cannot seem to make up your mind? Want something tasty, filling and healthy? Want something with lots of great flavour and interesting spices but without a lot of fat? Tired of the same old thing: pizzas, hamburgers, fried chicken? Consider ordering online for delivery!  We just expanded our delivery area to Burnaby due to popularity and demand from our customers.

Now Delivering to North Vancouver!

At Palki, you will have many interesting and delicious options from which to choose, and all of them will be fresh and healthy. If you like to eat meat and fish, no problem.  If you do not like to eat meat or fish, or are simply not in the mood to eat them tonight, then do not worry, at Palki Indian Restaurant, there are always many great and filling meals, chock full of protein, that you can get without meat as well.

Indian Takeaway food Vancouver and Burnaby

Because the nation of India is so large and so diverse, so to is Indian food diverse. Depending on what region of India has inspired the restaurant of your choice will determine the type of spices that your food is cooked with as well as what herbs, vegetables and fruits. Possibly even what meat and fish are available.

There are many options at Palki Indian restaurant. But staples of our Indian cuisine typically include rice, lentils, rice wheat flour and other similar ingredients. There are many dishes that will include chickpeas or kidney beans, pearl millet or mung beans. And of course, no meal is complete with an order of naan bread.

Naan is a thick, oven baked flat bread. Naan is eaten throughout Central and Southern Asia, and so its consistency and ingredients may vary widely. But traditionally, especially in India, naan is made by mixing white flour with salt, a yeast culture and yogurt. It is served hot and it is amazing.

There are many great Indian dishes. You could try biryani, which is a rice based dish, cooked with basmati rice and special spices and often served with chicken, mutton, fish, eggs or vegetables. You could try Tandoori chicken. Tandoori chicken refers to a special way of roasting a chicken in a tandoor (a cylindrical clay over). It is then prepared with spices and yogurt. Dal is a special stew that is made with dried lentils, peas or beans and is usually served with rice and vegetables. A samosa is fried and spiced dough filled with potatoes, onions, peas, coriander, and lentils. A samosa can also have meat in it, should you desire.

Are you hungry yet?  Order online from Palki Indian restaurant and try all of these delicious options, and so many more today!