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Indian Style Brunch in Vancouver

Thursday, April 4th, 2013 Indian Breads, Indian Cuisine

Yesterday, we asked what came to mind when you thought of Indian style brunch. Where brunch in Vancouver is synonymous with weekends, coffee and hanging out, we weren’t surprised that we received such a strong response.

To follow up on our Facebook conversation and one of our most frequently asked questions “so, what do you guys have for breakfast in India?” while our guests enjoy their favourite curries and naan, we’d like to name a few common breakfast dishes: idli, dosa and parathas, idli and dosas are quite popular in southern India. Dosas are crisp Indian pancakes which you may have had in a restaurant along Broadway or Kingsway, and Parathas are Indian flat breads that looks much like a pancake. Idli is a small savoury cake made up of fermented black lentils and rice often served with chutney or sambar.

Just for a bit of background, the Indian term for breakfast in Hindi is Naashta. Normally, naashta is wheat or rice with vegetables accompanied by Indian masala chai, or south Indian filter coffee, which is a mixture of chicory and coffee. As we mentioned yesterday, because the weather dictates what grows where, common Indian breakfast dishes will vary quite a bit from region to region – from Kashmir in the North to Kanyakumari in the South; Kutch in the West and Kolkata in the East. Because the variety and range of items served for breakfast in India can be better explained if broken down into different regions, our next article will feature popular breakfast dishes served in the North.


Crisp Indian pancakes for Brunch