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5 Indian Spices You Can Use In Everyday Cooking

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 Indian Cuisine, Recipes

Which spices should you bring home to your kitchen from the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver (Palki, of course)? With Indian spices from Black Pepper to Saffron to choose from, it will be hard to pick just five, but these are five Indian spices that will help you take your love of Indian food home with you.


Aside from its inherent sweet spiciness, Cinnamon inside your pot will allow everyone to start their meal early as they inhale its hunger-inducing scent. One of the true advantages of Cinnamon is its versatility. While most people are used to encountering Cinnamon in sweet dishes, the spice is quite normal to find in curries and other Indian dishes.


Cardamom is another of those amazingly versatile spices at the heart of Indian cuisine. From desserts to curries and from bread to tea, you can find Cardamom in virtually all of your favourite dishes at any Indian restaurants in Vancouver.Cardamom is also known for its health benefits helping with everything from blood circulation to controlling cholesterol.

Black Peppercorns

It is said that salt enhances flavor while pepper changes flavor. Before the importation of chili’s started on the Indian subcontinent, black peppercorns were the primary way chefs changed the flavor of food to add spiciness. Black peppercorns are actually known as the King of Spices in India and was so valuable it was even exchanged as a form of currency at times. Black peppercorns are used in everything from making garam masala to curries.


While Coriander Seeds are often used whole, most often they are roasted and ground down into a powder. Coriander powder is fundamental to Indian cuisine and is featured prominently throughout the menu at the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver. Coriander is one of the base spices in many curries. To get the most taste from Coriander seeds you should roast them in a dry pan before you grind them into a powder.

Cumin, coriander, and black peppercorns are the ingredients that make up Indian three-spice mix. You roast them in a dry pan until they release their aromas and then let them cool down before grinding them into a powder. Three-spice can be added to everything from eggs to stir-frys and add something special to every meal.


Learning to cook with cloves can be tricky because a little goes a long way, but once you get used to sauteing them in oil with some of the other spices on this list you will be well on your way to creating some spectacular dishes. For hundreds and thousands of years, cloves have been used for their ability to numb toothaches but in Indian cuisine and at Indian restaurants, cloves are famous for the woody and peppery flavor they add to dishes from Keema to Paneer.

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